Customer Quality
Focused on Customer Product Quality to:
  • Ensure customer satisfaction
  • Facilitate internal technical organization efforts
  • Implement special needs requirements
  • Minimize returns
  • Determine root cause, corrective actions and resolution
  • Participate in change control board
  • Manage multiple aspects of all RF products
Vertically Oriented: Customer Interface
  • Drive new customer initiatives
  • Represent customer interest within organization and promote awareness of customer requirements
  • Collaborate with customers and sales offices
  • Provide failure information to operations and business units
Design and Development: Participate in Gate Reviews
  • Ensure products meet customer requirements
  • Comply with ESD & EOS
  • Create quality awareness
  • Enforce design rules
  • Participate in product readiness
Manufacturing: Participate in Failure Mode Effects Analysis
  • Verify process compliance
  • Structure design of experiments
  • Manage maverick lots
  • Coordinate manufacturing quality
  • Attend change control board meetings
Quality Customer Quality