Application Notes
Category Description File
Amplifier (WLAN)a SKY85405-11: Performance with and without a Thermal Pad SKY85405_11_203862A_AN.pdf
Amplifiers SKY77336 Power Amplifier Module - Evaluation Information 200938A.pdf
Amplifiers Gain Block Bias Networks 200942B.pdf
Amplifiers SKY65111-348LF: Amplifier Layout Optimization 200976A.pdf
Amplifiers SKY65120-21: WCDMA PA Bias Method For Lower Junction Temperature 201019A.pdf
Amplifiers (LNA) SKY65050-372LF: Low Noise Amplifier Operation 200975A.pdf
Amplifiers (LNA) SKY65047-360LF Matching Circuits for Various Frequency Bands 201100A.pdf
Amplifiers (PAM) SKY77354 Power Amplifier Module – Evaluation Board Information SKY77354_202533a.pdf
Amplifiers (WLAN) SKY85405-11: Ruggedness Improvements in 5 V Applications SKY85405_11_203840A_AN.pdf
Antenna Tuner Why Vpeak is the Most Critical Aperture Tuner Parameter Why_Vpeak_is_the_Most_Critical_Aperture_Tuner_Parameter_204666C_AN.pdf
Antenna Tuner 为什么 VPEAK 是孔径调谐器最关键的参数
(Why Vpeak is the Most Critical Aperture Tuner Parameter )
Attenuators (Digital) 6 Bit 63 dB IF Digital Attenuator Solution 1-500 MHz 200622B.pdf
Attenuators (Digital) 6 Bit 63 dB RF Digital Attenuator Solution 500-2000 MHz 200623B.pdf
AWB Series Products Thermal Design Considerations and Mounting Guidelines for AWB Series Products Thermal_Design_Considerations_for_AWB_Products_204919B_AN.pdf
AWB71XX and AWB72XX series PAM’s Switch Time Reduction: AWB71XX and AWB72XX series PAM’s AWB7XXX_204365A_AN.pdf
Circulators Performance of Circulators Under Peak and Average Power Conditions 201789A.pdf
Circulators Use of Ferrimagnetic Material in Circulators Ferrimagnetic_Material_in_Circulators_202840B.pdf
Circulators / Isolators Intermodulation Distortion Measurements of Ferrites 201537A.pdf
Circulators / Isolators How to Test Drop-In Circulators and Isolators 201539A.pdf
Circulators / Isolators Reliability Performance for Standard Commercial Ferrite Isolators and Circulators 201540A.pdf
Circulators / Isolators Factors That Influence the Power Handling Capability of Circulators 201543A.pdf
Circulators / Isolators Curie Temperature of Isolators and Circulators 201659A.pdf
Circulators / Isolators Robust Lead Circulators and Isolators 201790A.pdf
Coaxial Resonators Characteristic Impedance of Coaxial Resonators Characteristic_Impedance_of_Coaxial_Resonators 202723A.pdf
Coaxial Resonators Coaxial Resonators for Voltage-Controlled Oscillator (VCO) Applications Coaxial_Resonators_for_VCOs_202664C_AN.pdf
Coaxial Resonators Frequency Tuning of Coaxial Resonators Frequency_Tuning_Coaxial_Resonators_202722B_AN.pdf
Coaxial Resonators Measuring SRF and Q of Coaxial Resonators Measuring_SRF_Q_of_Coaxial_Resonators_202724B_AN.pdf
Coaxial Resonators Computer Simulation of Coaxial Resonators no1009.pdf
Coaxial Resonators Using Coaxial Line Elements as Inductors Using_Coaxial_Line_Elements_202810A.pdf
Coaxial Resonators and Coaxial Inductors Glossary of Terms for Coaxial Resonators and Coaxial Inductors Glossary_of_Terms_202728B_AN.pdf
Design Guide PCB Design and SMT Assembly/Rework Guidelines for MCM-L Packages 101752K.pdf
Design Guide PCB Design Guidelines for High Power Dissipation Packages 201211A.pdf
Dielectric No. 851: Tuning and Exciting Dielectric Resonator Modes no851.pdf
Dielectric Resonators Introduction and Applications for Temperature Stable Dielectric Resonators Intro_Apps_Temp_Stable_Resonators_202802B.pdf
Dielectric Resonators No. 831: Temperature Coefficients of Dielectric Resonators no831.pdf
Dielectric Resonators Properties, Test Methods, and Mounting of Dielectric Resonators Properties_and_Mounting_of_Dielectric_Resonators_202803B.pdf
Dielectrics Introduction to Dielectrics Introduction_to_Dielectrics_202805C.pdf
Diodes Circuit Models for Plastic Packaged Microwave Diodes 200311A.pdf
Diodes Diode Chips, Beam-Lead Diodes, Capacitors: Bonding Methods and Packaging Bond_Methods_and_Pkg_App_Note_200532B.pdf
Diodes (Limiter) PIN Limiter Diodes in Receiver Protectors 200480C.pdf
Diodes (PIN) A Wideband General Purpose PIN Diode Attenuator 200313B.pdf
Diodes (PIN) T/R Switch for IMT-2000 Handset Applications 200318A.pdf
Diodes (PIN) 5-6 GHz Switch Using Low-Cost Plastic Packaged PIN Diodes 200321A.pdf
Diodes (PIN) A Wideband CATV Attenuator 200327B.pdf
Diodes (PIN) PIN Diode Basics 200823A.pdf
Diodes (PIN) Design With PIN Diodes Design_With_PIN_Diodes_200312D.pdf
Diodes (PIN) Driver Circuit for High-Power PIN Diode Switches Pin_Diode_Driver_203950A_AN.pdf
Diodes (Schottky) Mixer and Detector Diodes 200826A.pdf
Diodes (Schottky) Handling Precautions for Schottky Barrier Mixer and Detector Diodes 200840A.pdf
Diodes (Schottky) APN1014: A Level Detector Design for Dual-Band GSM-PCS Handsets APN1014_200324B.pdf
Drivers APN2018:Silicon Drivers for Commercial IC Products APN2018.pdf
DROs Optimizing DROs for Low Phase Noise Optimizing_DROs_202727A.pdf
Ferrimagnetic Materials Permeability Spectra of Ferrimagnetic Materials Permeability_Spectra_202867B.pdf
Ferrite SKY65367 and SKY66100: Using a Ferrite to Increase Isolation between Stages SKY65367_SKY66100_App_Note_203047A.pdf
FETs GaAs FETs as Control Devices APN2015.pdf
Filters Voltage Detector Filter Optimization for the SKY65137 WLAN Power Amplifier 201105A.pdf
Front-End Module Matching Differential Port Devices 201156B.pdf
Front-End Module SKY77529 Rx-Tx Front-End Module – Implementation 201206b.pdf
Front-End Module (ZigBee) Extending 2.4 GHz ZigBee® Short-Range Radio Performance with Skyworks SKY65336/SKY65337 Front-End Modules 201091B.pdf
Front-End Module (ZigBee) Budgeting Harmonics for ZigBee® Front-End Modules 201258A.pdf
Front-End Modules Extending 2.4 GHz Zigbee Short-Range Radio Performance with Skyworks SKY65344/SKY65343 Front-End Modules 201527A.pdf
GaAs Flip Chips APN3001: Epoxy Die Attachment for GaAs Flip Chip Devices 200741A.pdf
Gyrators No. 6512: Use of Ferrimagnetic Materials in Gyrators No6512.pdf
Inductors Empirically Determining the VCO Inductor Empirically_Determing_the_VCO_Inductor_202726B_AN.pdf
Inductors The Influence of Coaxial Inductors on VCO Tuning Bandwidth Influence_of_Coaxial_Inductors_202725A.pdf
Inductors Tolerance Analysis of Coaxial Inductors Tolerance_Analysis_Coaxial_Inductors_202811A.pdf
Isolators No. 6510: Use of Ferrimagnetic Material in Isolators No6510.pdf
Isolators and Circulators Tape and Reel Guidelines for Isolators and Circulators TNR_for_Isolators_and_Circulators_AN_203460C.pdf
Land Patterns Suggested PCB Land Pattern Designs for Leaded and Leadless Packages and Detailed Surface Mount Guidelines for Leadless Packages PCB_Layout_Patterns_Guidelines_200123M.pdf
Layout Shielded and Unshielded Devices Layout Implementation Shielded_and_Unshielded_Layout_Implementation_203943B.pdf
Microwave Dielectric Microwave Dielectrics: General Notes Microwave_Dielectrics_202804B.pdf
Microwave Integrated Circuits Ferrimagnetic Substrates for Microwave Integrated Circuits Ferrimagnetic_Substrates_for_Microwave_ICs_202839B.pdf
Optocouplers Gamma Total Dose Radiation Performance Gamma_total_dose_radiation_performance_204662A_AN.pdf
Optocouplers Skyworks Optocouplers vs. Pulse Transformers Optocouplers_vs_Pulse_Transformers_204659A_AN.pdf
Optocouplers Radiation Immunity Radiation_Immunity_204661A_AN.pdf
Packaging Info Tape and Reel Information - RF Modules 101568i.pdf
Packaging Info Waffle Pack Chip Carrier Handling/Opening Procedure 200146A.pdf
Packaging Info ESD Compliance Testing and Recommended Protection Circuits for GaAs Devices ESD_Compliance.pdf
Packaging Info Solder Reflow Information Solder_Reflow_Info_200164C.pdf
PCB SKYA21004: PCB Layout Guidelines SKYA21004_AN_203721A.pdf
PCB / SMT PCB Design and SMT Assembly Guidelines for Wafer Level Chip Scale Packages 201676B.pdf
Phase Shifter A Varactor Controlled Phase Shifter for PCS Base Station Applications 200319B.pdf
Phase Shifters A Measurement Technique Used to Determine the 3 dB Modulation Bandwidth of Skyworks PS094-315 Phase Shifter 201232A.pdf
Phase Shifters A Discussion of Ferrite Material Characteristics in Waveguide Digital Phase Shifters Discussion_of_Ferrite_Material_Characteristics_202812B.pdf
PLL/Synthesizers Fine Frequency Control Using the SKY72300,SKY72301,and SKY72302 Dual Synthesizers/PLLs 101266C.pdf
PLL/Synthesizers Phase Noise Performance of the SKY72300,SKY72301,and SKY72302 Dual Synthesizers/PLLs 101348D.pdf
PLL/Synthesizers Direct Digital Modulation Using the SKY72300,SKY72301, and SKY72302 Dual Synthesizers/PLLs 101349C.pdf
PLL/Synthesizers Evaluation and Performance of the SKY72300,SKY72301,SKY72302,and SKY74038 Dual Synthesizers/PLLs 101513D.pdf
PLL/Synthesizers Performance Issues With The SKY7230x-21 Series of Frequency Synthesizers 200534A.pdf
PLL/Synthesizers High Isolation Synthesizer Selection Circuit for GSM, DCS1800, PCS1900 APN2016.pdf
Power Amplifier Increasing the Maximum Transmit Power Rating of a Power Amplifier Using a Power Combining Technique 201208A.pdf
Power Amplifier Module SKY77344-21 Power Amplifier Module — Evaluation Information 201236a.pdf
Power Amplifiers (WCDMA) SKY65124: WCMDA PA Bias Method For Lower Junction Temperature 201020A.pdf
Power Management Features of the AAT4910 28V Half-Bridge, Dual N-Channel MOSFET Driver 202370A.pdf
Power Management AAT1239-1 Enhanced Efficiency Application Solution 202371A.pdf
Power Management Output Voltage Ripple in Step-Down and Step-Up Switching Regulators 202372A.pdf
Power Management AAT1270/AAT1271: Programming LED Current During Flash Operation 202373B_Discontinued.pdf
Power Management Features of the AAT4285 12V Slew Rate Controlled Load Switch 202374A.pdf
Power Management Setting the Current Limit fort he AAT1184/85/89, AAT2687/88/89 High Voltage Step-Down Family 202375B_Discontinued.pdf
Power Management Design Type III Compensation Network For Voltage Mode Step-down Converters 202376B_Discontinued.pdf
Power MAnagement Storing Power with Super Capacitors 202377A.pdf
Power Management Output Filter Design for EMI Rejection of the AAT5101 Class D Audio Amplifier 202378A.pdf
Power Management AAT2405 PWM Control Duty Cycle Capabilities and Limitations 202379A.pdf
Power Management LED Voltage Regulation for TV LED Backlighting 202380A.pdf
Power Management Multi-Chip Voltage Feedback Technique for Driving LEDs 202381A.pdf
Power Management PSRR and Measurement of PSRR in Class-D Audio Amplifiers and LDOs 202382A.pdf
Power Management Multi-Channel WLED Driver Solution in Single-Cell, Li-Ion Battery Applications by AAT1451/1405/1407 and AAT3110 202383B_Discontinued.pdf
Power Management Using the VSYNC and SPI Latches in the AAT2430A 16-Channel White LED Driver 202385A.pdf
Power Management Flexible Flash Current Programming with AS2Cwire- and I2C-Enabled Flash LED Drivers 202386A.pdf
Power Management A Simple Model for DC/DC Charge Pumps AATI_AN_10.pdf
Power Management Ripple and Noise Measurements with DC/DC Switch-Mode Power Supplies AATI_AN_11.pdf
Power Management Buck Boost vs. Buck Converter Battery Life for Portable 3.3V Micro Hard Disk Drive Applications AATI_AN_12.pdf
Power Management Output Capacitor Selection for the AAT115X Series Buck Converter AATI_AN_20.pdf
Power Management Output Inductor Selection for the AAT115X Series Buck Converter AATI_AN_21.pdf
Power Management Increase the Number of Series White LEDs with a "Constant Voltage" OVP Circuit AATI_AN_37.pdf
Power Management Using PWM Control with AAT1231 / AAT1231-1 AATI_AN_38.pdf
Power Management AAT3110/AAT3111 On/Off Enable Control AATI_AN_53.pdf
Power Management Driving Color RGB LEDs with the AAT3123 AATI_AN_54.pdf
Power Management Optimizing Low Voltage Buck DC/DC Converter Efficiency AATI_AN_6.pdf
Power Management AAT3172 Flash Programming Techniques Using the AS²Cwire™ Serial Interface AATI_AN_61.pdf
Power Management AAT3190 Positive/Negative Bias Supply for CCD Camera Sensors AATI_AN_67.pdf
Power Management Design Guideline for the AAT3190 Positive/Negative Charge Pump AATI_AN_68.pdf
Power Management Automatic Charge Reduction (CHR) Function Solves Issues with Lithium-Ion Battery Charging from USB Ports AATI_AN_74.pdf
Power Management Step-Down DC/DC Converter Input Ripple and Noise AATI_AN_9.pdf
Power Management A Discussion of the AS2Cwire™ Single-Wire Interface AS2Cwire_Interface_AppNote_202739B.pdf
Power Management Automatic Detection of USB Port vs. Wall Adapter Power Automatic_USB_Detection_AppNote_202742Apdf.pdf
Power Management Mounting Considerations for Exposed-Paddle Packages Exposed_Paddle_Pkgs_AppNote_202743A.pdf
Power Management A Complete Discussion of the S2Cwire™ (Simple Serial Controlâ„¢) Single-Wire Interface with TLAT Specification S2Cwire_Interface_AppNote_202738B.pdf
Power Management The S2Cwire Serial Digital Interface in Real-Time Systems S2Cwire_Interface_in_Real_Time_Systems_AppNote_202737A.pdf
Quality Quality/Reliability 200149C.pdf
Resonators Coaxial Resonator Dimensions and Configurations dimensions_configurations.pdf
Specifications Adhesives for Dielectric Resonator Assemblies Adhesives_for_Dielectric_Resonators_202824B.pdf
Switches Positive Voltage Operation of GaAs Control ICs 200363A.pdf
Switches APN2019:Switch Power Characteristics APN2019.pdf
Switches (SPDT) SKY12212-478LF: Low Frequency Tuning SKY12212_478LF_Application_Note_203126A.pdf
Testing Test for Complex Dielectric Constant Test_for_Complex_Dielectric_Constant_202868B.pdf
Testing Test for Hysteresis Loop Properties Test_for_Hysteresis_Loop_202869B.pdf
Testing Test for Line Width and Gyromagnetic Ratio Test_for_Line_Width_Gyromagnetic_Ratio_202837B.pdf
Testing Test for Saturation Magnetization Test_for_Saturation_Magnetization_202838B.pdf
Testing Test for Spinwave Line Width Test_for_Spinwave_Line_Width_202870B.pdf
Testing Test for Switching Coefficients Test_for_Switching_Coefficients_202871B.pdf
Testing (ESD) ESD Compliance Testing and Recommended Protection Circuits for GaAs Devices 200818B.pdf
Thermal Annealing Stabilization of Remanent Induction by Thermal Annealing Stabilization_of_Remanent_Induction_202866B.pdf
Transistor Depletion Mode pHEMT Bias Networks 201119A.pdf
TVAR A Balanced Wideband VCO for Set-Top TV Tuner Applications 200314A.pdf
TVAR A Colpitts VCO for Wideband (0.95-2.15 GHz) Set-Top TV Tuner Applications 200316A.pdf
TVAR Switchable Dual-Band 170/420 MHz VCO for Handset Cellular Applications 200317A.pdf
TVAR VCO Design for WLAN Applications in the 2.4-2.5 GHz ISM Band 200320A.pdf
TVAR VCO Designs for Wireless Handset and CATV Set-Top Applications 200322A.pdf
TVAR Differential VCO Design for GSM Handset Applications 200323A.pdf
TVAR Dual-Band Switchable IF VCO for GSM/PCS Handsets 200325A.pdf
TVAR Low Phase Noise VCO Design for PCS Handset Applications 200326A.pdf
TVAR Varactor Diodes 200824A.pdf
TVAR Varactor SPICE Models for RF VCO Applications Varactor_SPICE_Model_AN_200315C.pdf